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Budgeting for 2014: Technology, content and social to be top spending areas | B2B Management Budgeting | #TheMarketingAutomationAlert

BtoB Magazine features the latest digital marketing news, tips, strategies and resources for b2b digital marketers.




As B2B marketers begin their budgeting process for 2014, they say the top areas where they'll increase spending are marketing automation technology, content marketing, social media and mobile.


Marketing automation is reaching maturity among b2b marketers, according to recent BtoB research, and it is expected to be an important investment area next year.


In BtoB's “2013 Marketing Automation” study, 81% of respondents said they will have strong or complete adoption of marketing automation systems by next year, up from 62% this year. Fifty-two percent said they will have complete adoption of marketing automation technology—fully integrating it into their sales and marketing organizations—up from 26% this year. The study was based on an online survey of 204 b2b marketers conducted in May.


Forty-two percent of respondents said they would set aside new funds for marketing automation technology over the 12 months following. Others will shift funds from other areas, including digital marketing (34%), email or direct marketing (31%), events (18%), print advertising (16%) and broadcast advertising (4%).


Marketers will also increase their use of paid social media next year. According to BtoB's “Emerging Trends in B2B Social Marketing” report, published in March, the top paid social media channels marketers will use in the coming year are LinkedIn (59%), Facebook (53%), Twitter (28%), YouTube (18%) and Google+ (13%).

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